Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Jacen's Preschool Graduation

Jacen had preschool graduation June 1st.

He had two speaking parts in his graduation. First Jacen and Sage said "Please stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.  Ready begin."  Then they proceeded to state the Pledge into the microphone. It was so cute.                                                 

Then he also said, "We learned the Pledge of Allegiance".

Here they are singing. He was the center of the act. A parent from the other class, that I did not know, came up to me.  She said, "your son is stealing the show. Everyone else can sit down and we would all still be entertained".  Scott got it all on video :) I think he might take after his father. (prior to graduation he would only preform in front of us.  He would make sure we knew he would never do dancing, acting, improv, etc in front of anyone but us.)

Here he is with his diploma!

I cannot believe I will have a kindergartner so soon!!

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Denise said...

So I finally have a chance to catch up on the blog. I love how you call Alicen little...I have a hard time believing (even though I see the pictures) she was EVER little! Thanks for the blog...I love seeing your kids grow through pics. It's helps you guys seem a little closer!
Love you,