Thursday, July 23, 2009


Brycen got his FIRST HAIRCUT yesterday! He had patches of long hair...but no more :) It looks really good!

Jacen also go his haircut. He was super AWESOME! Katy was able to get it real short :) Love it!!

Brycen's Eyes

What color are Brycen's eyes

going to be?? They are still the dark gray eyes he was born with. Jacen's were the same color at birth but turned bright blue before he was 4months. Any guesses on Brycen's eye color?? I am so curious!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Brycen is 5 months!!

I can't believe my baby is already 5 months!! Our laptop is now fixed so I can share all the pictures I wanted to post last month :)

Brycen loves to Smile and Laugh. He does this a lot more in our own home than when we are out visiting other people.

Brycen appears to be a Blanket baby. We will wake up in the morning to find him cuddling his blanket, that at one point was covering him up.

Food is a favorite, if you couldn't tell by his size. He had his first rice cereal June 29th. He would grab my hand with every bite.

He loves to suck on his Thumb/Hand. He has been teething for awhile but doesn't have any teeth yet. (I am grateful since I am nursing.) He doesn't keep a pacifier in his mouth on his own...but he likes to chew on it if you will hold it there for him :)

He also loves sucking on his Toes. Man kids are flexible.

Brycen also loves to Play. He loves his play mat, bouncer, and jumperoo.

Brycen is a happy baby. I don't know his stats as of now. However, I never posted his 4 months stats. Here is how big he was last month:

Weight: 15 pounds 12 ounces
Length: 25.5 inches

We were shocked when we put him in the Jumperoo last month an we had to put the height at the third level.

He is already outgrowing some of his 6-9 mo clothing and into many 9-12 mo. It blows my mind how fast the past 5 months have just flown by!!