Monday, November 17, 2008

Our Halloween (a little late)

We were finally able to carve our pumpkin on Halloween afternoon. Jacen loved helping me get out all the guts.

Jacen with the finished product...Playing with us...he was probably wondering why I kept taking more and more pictures!!

No one really goes door to door here. There are no sidewalks or
streetlights. So we have a Trunk or Treat at the church on Halloween night.

Jacen was Scooby Doo. He wanted nothing to do with the "dog hat". I was able to get this picture in the one second he wore it for me.

Jacen was the happiest kid after he got his first handful of candy. There was a sucker in the mix and he was so happy. All he wanted was that sucker opened. He ate his sucker while walking around to all the cars. He would have been content playing with everyones dogs, instead of trick or treating.

I think our friend Becky is actually telling me to wait to take the picture...oh well we never got a better one. This is Jacen with Becky Truncale, Suzy Dick and their dogs.

Here is Jacen with his friend Kacie. (there are pictures of the two of them here from last year.) Next year we will have to get all his friends together for a picture.