Saturday, June 28, 2008


On May 3rd Scott and I were chaperones for the High School Prom. It was held at the Palm Springs Convention Center, and was beautiful. Scott actually got to help the Junior Class with all the planning. Kids had a wonderful time and couldn't stop talking about it.

The very next day we boarded a plane to New Hampshire. My sister, Aimee, and Scott's brother, Charles (yep they are married), went to Greece for a get away. Left behind were their four kids. We came in the for the last week to watch the kiddos. We went from one child to five in a matter of seconds. We had a great time and Jacen loved playing with his cousins. We also overlapped with Aimee and Charles for some visiting time.

Jacen looking out the plane window.
He really loves to fly.
The cousins: Tye, Jacen, Holden, and Cherie (Chase was still at school)

We returned home on May 11th, Scott was back to work the 12th. On Saturday, May 17th Jill Tennies got baptized. Her husband preformed the baptism. The following day she was confirmed and they blessed their daughter Kaitlyn.

The high school had their last play of the year from May 19th-24th. Scott does a great job directing these plays. This one was called, "The People vs. Maxine Lowe". My parents were able to come up and see the play and spend a couple of days. It was fun to have them here.

Then a party for my nephew, Kale, on Memorial Day. It was supposed to be a pool party but the weather decided differently. While at the party we took a picture of us sisters and my mom. Which one do you think I look most like?? For real!!
Crystal, Darcy, My Mom, Me, and Blythe. Holly and Aimee are not in this picture :( Come on, click on the picture so it is really big and decide who it is I look like!
Then May 29th Robert Andrus came to visit us. He is a friend of ours that is currently living in Utah. Scott had him come to school with him as a "Special Guest". Andrus is in 3 movies that are coming out soon. One of which is with Scott, "Dead Noon", due to come out to video in October.
And that is May in a nut shell!!

April--yep you read that right!!

Let me start off with a story. Right before we went to Utah for Spring Break, a friend of ours told me that she wanted to start meeting with the missionaries again. I was trilled. I didn't ask her if she was going to call them, or if she wanted me to relay the message...nothing. On our drive home Scott receives a text (for those of you wondering...we still don't do texts...they cost us $$). Anyway, it says "Jill has a meeting with the missionaries tomorrow night". We were so excited. But it wasn't until later that we learned, that they came to her. They knocked on her door, knowing it was a part member family that lived there. When she answered they thought she was the member. (You have to know Jill, she knows all the Mormon lingo, it's great). So as you can imagine the missionaries were led to her, in response to her desire. So needless to say every Thursday became booked as we had dinner and a discussion with the Elders and the Tennies. It was so great to be part of those discussions.

Also in April, my parents, sister Darcy, and niece Siena came up for a day visit. Then Scott's parents came to visit for a few days. We love having company!! (come on down!!)

Why are there no pictures you ask?? Well because somehow I managed to only take pictures one day this whole month!! And that was at Improv! (Scott is advisor over the improvisational troupe here at the high school. You know like "Whose line"! They do an awesome job. The preform in the library on campus.) The first picture is two of the troupe members entertaining Jacen (or Jacen was entertaining them, not sure which) before the show began. The other is a picture of the troupe.

You know it has been a long time when...

I now realize how long it has been since I have been away from Blogs...and here are some clues from you guys:

1- Receiving comments such as these,
Um... *ahem* Is this thing on? you KNOW how long ago Spring Break was???
You have to have Something to blog about!!! It's summer...and you have a stinkin' cute little boy! you were reminded of 2 reasons to do a post!!!!
Where are you?!

2- I am trying to catch up on all of you, and I am having to click "older posts" to catch up :(

3- I remembered my sister-in-law tagged me awhile back. I had to search her blog for it. It was back on May 5th and I still have not done it (although my sister Holly was tagged and well I don't remember her doing it either! And she is like blogging queen!).

List of "Friends and Family"

Okay so first things first!! I just added a "friends and family" list on my sidebar. If your information is not there, please let me know. I am sure I have missed some. We have a new computer so it is aways fun moving everything over :) I will now be using those links to read up on everyones if you are not there, PLEASE let me know!