Friday, January 7, 2011


Here are some updates for you!! I think I must have got overwhelmed with all my desired August posts. Enjoy!! Don't forget to click to the next page!!

In November

We celebrated our 6th Anniversary!! Who knew time could fly so fast!! I love being married to such a wonderful husband! Thanks Scott for all you do for me!!

Halloween part 2

We decided to go to Sea World for Halloween. Why not right?! Season passes are so great!! And my parents have them too :) (it is 2 1/2 hours away but a good excuse to visit the parents, who live 20 minutes from the park)

Halloween shows :)

The boys got to Trick or Treat at the park

Some fun fish costumes :)

The boys got to decorate cookies

Then we headed to my parents' ward Trunk or Treat. Jacen's favorite part were all the games, Brycen's favorite was the candy and toys.

Halloween part 1


The boys taking out the pumpkin guts.

Chuck joining
in on the fun :)

The final products.

In October

We went to support Brennen Edwards, the boys cousin, in Football. Here are the boys with my mom and dad (also in the picture...Chuck and his girlfriend Nicole). Jacen keeps taking about his cousin's football game. He loved it!!

Padres Game

In September we took Grandma Anderson along for a Padres game. Thanks for coming Grandma!!

Also in August

Jacen started Gymnastics. He is loving it!! (My pictures are too here is a tiny video)

Jacen also started Preschool.

Brycen enjoys the time he gets to play with the BIG kids before school starts :)

Encinitas Beach Trip (Still August)

We were able to go to the beach while Holly and family were in town.

It was a family affair :) We love playing with our cousins!!

All the California Clans came... Darcy, Crystal, Blythe, my mom, and us.

Thanks Holly for coming and giving us a reason to get together :)

Off to Texas

We then got in the car and headed to Texas.

To play with Cousins of course!!

To swim with Cousins!

To keep cool with Cousins!

To watch baseball with Cousins!!

To look for Alligators with Cousins!!

Proof that we saw an alligator!

Thanks Aimee and Charles for the visit!! We love you guys!


In August we were able to take a trip to Tennessee and Texas. We flew into Tennessee and visited with our friends the Palmers. It was really great timing too, because we got to see Zach before he left on his mission.

Zach and Jacen playing Frisbee.

The boys keeping cool in the sprinkler.

A walk to the pond.

The cool pizza/arcade place. With mini bowling :)

Thanks for having us!! We had a great time!!


Brycen turned 18 months the end of August but was able to enter Nursery a month early. Our Bishopric didn't see the need for me to have hall duty every week :) Brycen was more than happy!!