Tuesday, February 9, 2010

3 Already

Jacen turned 3 years old yesterday!!

He is so excited to be 3. We made a Birthday hat and he asked me to make him a paper cake.

Last night while he was praying (I suggested he say he was thankful for his birthday and) he said, "and that I got to blow three candles". He knows he is now 3 and is feeling so BIG. I truly can't believe how fast these last 3 years have past. Here is a little bit of Jacen's excitement caught on tape. I wish I would have continued taping because he said, "Yes, Jacen blow three candles, Jacen three years old, yea!!" (sorry about the quality, I used my regular camera instead of the video camera)

We had ice cream and Oreos since that is really what Jacen loves. Jacen also got a bike for his Birthday and what he is really looking forward to....this weekend when we will be going to, his favorite, SEA WORLD :)

Fill in the GAP

Just as a filler for those interested in what we were up to from November through January. The highlights:

*November 2nd start of High School Soccer tryouts-which for us means a really busy life :)
*High School Play- Opening night = same as first day of Soccer Tryouts = a crazy wife!!
*We celebrated 5 years of marriage-I have such an amazing husband.
*Spent Thanksgiving in Alpine and the weekend in Encinitas.
*Scott's parents joined us for 10 days including Christmas :)
*Aimee and Charles and kids came down for Christmas (They recently moved from New Hampshire to Texas):)
*Christmas Soccer Tournament and stayed in a hotel.
*Made a Sister's Directory for church, as well as other church calling items.
*I turned 29 January 4th, Scott took me to Cheesecake Factory and out clothes shopping
*Brycen started to walk, making church just that much more difficult to sit in class
*Enjoyed the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park quite a few times
*Loved life!!