Monday, September 12, 2011

Spring Break

For Spring Break
we were off to Utah. We spent
Easter at Scott's sister Denise's house. We had a fun time coloring eggs, looking for eggs and enjoying our Easter Baskets :) It was a fun Easter Sunday.

Then we were off to my Sister Holly's house. She watched the boys while we went to the Temple. We returned to her with 3 boys on the counter helping make cookies. Too fun!!

We also met up with my brother Joey and his family at a yogurt shop. It was so fun. The boys were so loud that we moved outside to visit. They were so fun playing all together :)

We got to spend time with Scott's sisters Tekoa and Treana and their families, our friends the Elmers, and Scott had a guys night with some of his best buddies, but apparently we didn't get any pictures. Also on the way home we had dinner in St. George with my Aunts. Lets just say that I was pretty bad at taking pictures during this vacation. But the vacation was wonderful.

Easter at Preschool

After dropping Jacen off at preschool Brycen gets
to stay and play with a couple of his friends at the playground. One of the moms, Gloria, was sticking around to take pictures of the kids Easter egg hunt. We decided we would too :) Jacen's teacher even made Molly and Brycen little baskets of their own. Here is the only picture I got before the kids were given the "okay". (Jacen is the first person in the picture and Brycen is right behind Molly at the back)

The kids were instructed to find 10 eggs and then to sit down. Jacen was the only one to follow the directions :) The teachers had to go stop kids that had overflowing baskets.

Once again playing the Catch Up Game

I keep getting on here to post and then I get all caught up in looking at the pictures from the past few months. Lets just say that life has been busy and I am going to be posting a ton to catch you up on the happenings of the Phillips Clan :)