Monday, June 29, 2009


Kiptyn is from my home town!! I am so excited to see where he takes Jillian. And to think I could have been there while they were taping it!! I'm pathetic, I know :) We actually don't have cable so we will be watching it Tuesday on

While I am confessing about the lame shows I spend my time watching, I am totally excited for the Mormon couple, Jed and Sarin Hinkins, on Here Come the Newlyweds. I don't think they will win, but it is totally fun to watch them. Did you see how well they did at the carnival last week?? Sarin did awesome!

What shows do you watch?? We like Chuck and The Office, which seasons ended recently. I would say they are our favorite. We also like Wipeout, and I Survived A Japanese Game Show. Is the Mole going to be on this year?? Anyway, back to house cleaning I go!
**PS our laptop's motherboard died. All the pictures I was going to post are on that computer. Too bad we didn't back them up more recently. I guess it will be another week until it is fixed. Don't worry I will post again before then :)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

All About Jacen

Jacen has many loves. Here are some of them:

Coloring -- When we go to visit Scott's classroom the first thing he does, after saying hi, is color on the whiteboard. One of Scott's students thought it was the cutest thing and bought him his very own whiteboard with dry erase markers. He loves it! He also like so color on paper with crayons.

Going to the Park -- He also loves the park. The swings are probably his favorite with the slides as a close second.

Sports -- All and any sport! Playing and watching. His favorites Baseball, Basketball, Football, and Soccer. He can even hit a baseball without a tee.

Mom's Hair -- He loves to have his hands in my hair. I saw this picture and had to add it. (not too flattering of me...but oh well)

Hanging out with Dad -- Especially loves it when Dad comes home. Loves playing and cuddling with his Dad. In this picture they are watching sports, of course!

Talking -- It's in the genes (from both sides)!

Tuna Fish -- don't waste time and put it on bread...he'll eat it right out of the bowl. He also loves Hot Dogs, Chicken Nuggets, and Meat with Cheese.

AND... Taking Pictures -- He gets so excited when there is an item in his picture, such as...his toes :)