Friday, May 29, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

On Saturday, we went to Sea World. We have season passes that end June 19th.

It was a pretty busy day for the park but not as busy as we thought it would be. We had never seen the trainers work with the dolphins behind the Dolphin Stadium. They were doing all sorts of jumps and flips.

We put Jacen in his swim suit so he could play with the water structures but he wanted to go climbing the ropes with Daddy.

At the end of the climbing structure there is a slide. Jacen was so excited to go down the slide. (Last time they didn't let him because he was a bit too short.)

Then over to feed the dolphins...or maybe not. We really wanted Jacen to have a chance to feed the dolphins before our passes end but it didn't happen this time. The building is under construction. Bummer!!! Hopefully it is up and running at our next visit.

Even though he couldn't feed the dolphins, it was the perfect time to go because there was a group of people taking a park tour. We got to enjoy the dolphins doing all their fun tricks.

Yes, Brycen was there with us :) It is just a bit harder to take pictures when one of us is holding him. Scott and Jacen got to enjoy the Pets Rule Show while I nursed Brycen. We also went to the Cirque de la Mer show.

We were really excited for the dolphin show, Ignight. It is a summer night show that we had not seen yet. It was really good. It was a fun time at Sea World. I think we are going to miss it when our passes end. But hey...we have San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park passes to enjoy through next March :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Little Story

Once upon a time there was a boy and his mother. They were doing yard work. Well, she was trying to do yard work in between him throwing her a football. The following morning (a Wednesday, to be exact) the two year old had a little green in the corner of his eye. It appeared to be a clogged tear duct. The mother questioned it for a second, "I didn't know toddlers got clogged tear ducts, huh" and then went about her day. Thursday the child woke with his eye sealed shut. Mom didn't want to over react. (They went through with planned day. Picked up friend while her house got sprayed for bugs--she said, it looked like the boy got socked in the eye.) After nap the childs eye was once again sealed shut.

The child never once complained of his eye hurting. The mom decided she would bring her son into the doctor if his eye was sealed on Friday. Sure enough it was.

The verdict: Left Eye Conjunctivitis, aka Pink Eye
The treatment: Eye drops 3 times a day, for 7 days


Tomorrow will be the last day of pinning my child down and prying his eye open to apply drops. I couldn't be more grateful. He is doing great and his eye is back to normal!!

Here Jacen is on Friday when he woke up. Poor thing!

And right before going into the doctor.

And then after 2 treatments of drops

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Brycen or Jacen?? THE RESULTS

Who is who?? Can you decide which pictures are Jacen and which ones are Brycen?? Come on give it a try. Post your guesses by clicking on the comments link on the bottom of the post. I will reveal the true answers in a few days :) Good luck!

The answers are in! Even though the pictures are close in age it was not planned to be that way. I simply thought they looked alike and took pictures of Brycen in some of the positions I remembered having pictures of Jacen...same outfits or blankets are just a coincidence! Can't believe how close you all were in your answers! (I posted a "comment" to those of you who guessed)

Answer KEY:
A= 1st picture is Brycen, 2nd is Jacen
B= 1st picture is Jacen, 2nd is Brycen

So everyone can play I thought I would give one correct answer that can help you decide the rest of the pictures.


Brycen 10 weeks; Jacen 9 weeks 5 days.

The 1st picture is Brycen and 2nd is Jacen (therefore,"A")

#1 B

Jacen Right after he was born; Brycen Right after he was born.

#2 A

Brycen same day he was born; Jacen one day old.

#3 A

Brycen 6 days old; Jacen 7 days old.

#4 A

Brycen 4 weeks; Jacen 4 weeks 5 days.

#5 B

Jacen 7 weeks; Brycen 5 weeks.

Here are 3 pictures
A=Brycen, Brycen, Jacen
B=Brycen, Jacen, Brycen
C=Brycen, Jacen, Jacen
D=Jacen, Jacen, Brycen
E=Jacen, Brycen, Jacen

Brycen 2 weeks 3 days; Jacen 2 weeks 4 days; Brycen 8 weeks 4 days. (I thought I could confuse everyone with the last picture.)
*PS- Sorry a "few" days turned into 10. I should have got it up before Scott's high school (he is the advisor/director over drama) started their performances!!*

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Brother comes to visit

My brother, Joey (who now goes by Joe..and I can't seem to call him that for the life of me), and family came to California for a visit. We met up with them (on April 25th) at Old Town. It was really fun. Scott had never been before and I have not been for a really long, long time.

Joey bought Mexican candy for everyone to try. It brought me back to the days in the mission field. They were hard mango candies covered with chili powder. I was surprised that Scott shared it with me. The inside is so good! Yum! After Old Town we all headed to Seaport Village.

Then we all went to church with my parents on Sunday, followed by a family dinner. With a 2 1/2 hour drive back home we had to leave the festivities a bit early. But really enjoyed our weekend.

These two pictures are Joey with Scott and Jacen at Old Town and Richelle, Joey's wife, with Brycen at my parents house. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the kids.
(Richelle did you get any??)

While at my parents house, Jacen had a little incident including stairs, a porcelain dish, and his hand. Well, how to start this story... Jacen really enjoys my brother, Chuck's dogs. He was walking this porcelain water dish up the stairs to the dogs on the patio. He would try to force them to drink it. If they didn't he would just pour it out and go get more. I told him not to get wet...and well he was 100% dry, so I let him continue (BAD IDEA). After about a half hour of him doing this (us watching from inside) he screams. I find him on the last stair arms out in front of him, the dish shattered...and blood all over one of his hands. Thankfully Scott knew just what to do. The family was all at the Street Fair when it happened and well lets just say we never made it(as we were planning to meet up with them after I nursed the baby). This is a picture of Jacen's hand 5 days after the incident.