Monday, November 26, 2007

Sleep Anyone??

Okay so we are probably to blame for Jacen's messed up sleeping schedule. BUT staying up until 5:40am is a bit much. For those of you who don't know, we were in Utah for the holiday. (Which was great, nothing like getting family together and enjoying a huge meal.) Well, this last Saturday we did not arrive back to my sister Holly's place until 12:30am. Jacen woke up on the way in and was not going to go back to sleep. We tried everything...and I mean everything. We nursed, we rocked, we sang, we played in the sink, we prepared a bath (but he wouldn't go in), we tried our bed and the couch, etc. We gave all the meds for those 5 teeth that are coming in. Why?? Why the crying and not sleeping!? We got up Sunday and took Jacen to Sacrament in his PJs (not wanting to bother his much needed sleep). Then on the way home to California he slept and slept and slept some more! We left Pleasant Grove at 11:00am and arrived home at 8:30pm. He only woke up right before pulling in to St. George (staying awake for our 2hr visit) and then again an hour before pulling in the driveway. Then he stayed awake until 5:40am. I was so relieved when his playing started to slow down and he started to get fussy. He fell asleep :) Only sleeping for 3 hours....but at this point I will take what I can get. I am tired but at least I got most the laundry done from our trip, clipped coupons, and ate ice cream :) Hopefully another nap is in the near future...I sure am sleepy.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Our Halloween

Well, here are some pictures from our Halloween. First off I had to make something pumpkin. I found this great recipe for Pumpkin Bars (you should try them). For Halloween Jacen was Tigger which is very fitting since he loves to bounce. Kacie was Flounder from the Little Mermaid. They really seemed to enjoy themselves. After getting back home we had to have a photo shoot of Jacen. He didn't mind one bit. Then we finally got to carve our pumpkin. Jacen would put his hand in the pumpkin and take it out really fast. I couldn't seem to get a picture of his hand inside the pumpkin....oh well there is always next year. Our Halloween turned out to be a great one. We are looking forward to next year when Jacen might actually be able to say, "Trick or Treat".