Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Catch Up

So...as we have all realized, I am not the best at keeping up with my blog. The following posts are my attempt at catching you up for the month of February. I will be posting April soon (meaning next week), so stay tuned :) Thanks to all my loyal viewers...if people weren't checking my blog I would have probably quit posting by now. Love you all!!

Brycen's Bike

Brycen loves his bike. It must be the best seat in the house because he chooses to sit on it all the time. We have also taken it outside, the yellow bottom of the rocker becomes a handle to push the bike. Brycen loves that he has a bike like brother.
I love that the bike was $20 cheaper than the original one. I wasn't super excited that it was Backyardagains since he doesn't know who they are...but when I put it all together I just left that silly circle off and what do we have???...the cutest bike ever! I really love the colors!

Brycen's 1st Birthday

On February 19th Brycen turned 1!! My parents were able to watch the boys for us while we went to a temple sealing on February 20th and then we went to a park to Celebrate Brycen's Birthday!! We also invited our friends the Truncales to come along. We had "Papa Oranges" from Papa's trees, sub sandwiches and cupcakes :)

Brycen loves sweets, and really enjoyed his cupcake!

Well I am a silly mom and in trying to remember everything for our 1+ hour trip to the Redlands Temple and for the time the kids would be with my parents, I didn't think about the tablecloth or plates :P

San Diego Zoo and Sea World

For the boy's birthdays we decided we would get Sea World year passes. Which Jacen really wanted. Honestly, he hasn't stopped talking
about it since June 2009 when our passes for Sea World expired. And since they were having an awesome deal (which is still probably going on) buy one year get a second year free we had no reason not to get them. But First we went to the San Diego Zoo one last time, on February 12th.

They loved the Children's Zoo area. Here we are in the petting zoo. Notice my hands tightly holding Brycen's...yeah that is because he kept yanking on the poor goats hair. Sorry Jacen we have to go brother isn't being nice to the animals. Thanks Scott for trying to get a picture of the 3 of us :P

The Monkeys are one of Jacen's favorites. If we asked him what animal he wanted to see, chances are that he would say Monkeys.

Scott and I love the Monkeys too but I would say Tigers are also among our favorites.

Then Sea World the next day :) Bycen was so excited that the dolphins kept swimming by the glass, he would turn around and talk to us about it. Jacen couldn't stop smiling!

Waiting for the Shamu Show to start.

They have this little area for the little kids to play. Brycen loved it. Jacen is just a tad too tall but he got to play in there for a little while, too.

Jacen also loves the climbing thing. Scott and Jacen are right above Brycen and I, as Brycen plays with the blocks.

Anyway, I can post so many pictures. We had a blast. I am sure there will be more Sea World pictures as we take advantage of our 2 year passes :)

Birthday Bike

Jacen is loving his new bike. He caught on very quickly and I love how he says, "pedal, pedal, pedal, like Mickey". I love how he learns things from his shows.

Actually today we were outside and I told him not to go in the mud puddle and he said, "go around the puddle, like Oso". Thanks for helping me out Cartoons :)