Thursday, February 28, 2008

Jacen's Pictures

are here to view!! Lets just say it is harder to take pictures when they walk all over the place. Jacen was more interested in playing with the kid in the waiting area, then getting his picture taken. Oh well, they still turned out cute! To see the pictures just click HERE, and type in Stacia Phillips on the line provided. The picture we chose was P10. We also got some others for Scott's desk and scrapbooking purposes :) Enjoy!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Last Week

I thought I would update you on some of last week’s happenings. Fist off, Jacen had his one year appointment. The poor kid was a "pin cushion" as Scott puts it. He got 4 shots/immunizations and then later in the week we had to go get his blood drawn. Did any of your kids have to do this? It was for anemia and lead. It was actually quite funny because he knew the nurses were up to no good. He kept undoing the rubberband thing they tied around his arm. Well, he is healthy and strong. He is now 21 pounds 12 ounces and 30 inches long.

On Valentines day it snowed here. Okay well this year it was
just flurries --this is my best picture of it.

Last year it was like this--but it did melt after 2 hours.

For Valentines Day Scott brought me to listen to a friend sing. It was really good. He got me Dove, which are my favorite by the way. Actually got one bag of Milk Chocolate and one of Milk Chocolate with good I tell you!! We decided to go get masages for Valentines Day so that is in the near future.

Scott's school district took Friday and Monday off, instead of two Monday's-- it was great. Actually yesterday Jacen went into our room, looked at the pile of blankets on our bed, and started laughing. I had to break the news to him, "Daddy had to go to work today". He was so sure he should still be home. It was cute. Okay not where I was planning on going with this post.....oh yes, Friday! So we were taking our car in to get oil change and electrical work done. I had Scott drop us off at Target and then he took the shuttle to meet us there. So I decided to try on some swimsuits once he got there. I was so excited about the "FAMILY" changing room. Yep, it had a picture of a DAD, MOM and CHILD. My thoughts are 'awesome....he can see the swimsuit if it looks cute without me having to show everyone else at target'. I was so excited, "Scott, would you guys like to come in, they have a family dressing room?" He says, "Sure". And then the worker goes on to tell us that is not allowed. What?? We are a family. She tells us it means that a mom can go in with her daughter, or son. Okay, LAME!! If you were going in with your daughter or son you would just look for a handicap sign, right?! You need a big dressing room--but a family dressing room should mean family, right?! Anyone else with me on this one?? Other than that Target was a good place to spend two or three hours. Jacen's favorite was the toy isle, naturally. Mine was the Valentine section, day after Valentines day = 50% off.
Well I think that is all that is worth writing about. Unless you want me to tell you that Jacen is sleeping in these days. Ever since he was an infant he would be up by 6:30 to see Scott of to work. For the last 3 days it has been atleast 8am :) I am able to get a lot done before he even wakes up. Including scripture study. I joined the Hinckley Challenge, I just joined so I have some catching up to do.
Here are some pictures from the week ;)

Toilet paper anyone???

"My momma's chubby, my dadda's chubby, even my dog is chubby..." (oh please tell me my family wasn't the only one)

Playing with his new truck and Otter Pops. He was really concentrating.

Jacen is in this stage of squinting his eyes when he sees the camera. Our appointment at JCPenney's will be interesting :)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Jacen is....

ONE!!! It is so crazy that this last year passed so quickly. Here are some pictures of Jacen. Enjoy!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Pictures from New Hampshire

Okay when we were in New Hampshire it was WHITE. (notice I am not using the word Christmas or posting any Christmas pictures so you can pretend that our trip was just a few weeks ago.) Here are some pictures of our great visit.

It was Jacen's first SNOW. He didn't mind it one bit. He even got to try sledding!

Jacen just loved to play with his cousins. Tye is just 4 months older.

Here Cherie is entertaining the boys. Sorry there is no sound on our camera video....lame, I know. But I am sure you all are familiar with the chicken dance.

We celebrated my 27th birthday while there! So much fun. We even played pin the tail on the donkey. (Notice the tail on the other side of the window...yep that was Scott's)

Then Scott surprised me with 3 gifts. One being diamond earrings, I am one lucky girl!