Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I just saw this giveaway and had to spread the word. I have never entered a giveaway but this one is just perfect!!! We are looking to get Jacen a play kitchen for Christmas! Oh, how much he would love it!! The cut off is tomorrow!!
Growing Your Baby Giveaway--
Step 2 Lifestyles Kitchen
Check it out:

Friday, November 6, 2009


Thought I better post Halloween pictures before Thanksgiving is here :)

Brycen as Tigger with his mommy

(He snuck his little hand in his pumpkin and found a sucker, when I wasn't looking. I took off the wrapper and before I knew it he had blue all over his costume)

Jacen the dinosaur and his daddy

(funny thing, Jacen would not say Trick or Treat. Scott would say, "Can you say Trick or Treat?" Jacen would say, "no". The person would give him candy and Jacen would say "Thank you"...and that was the routine. Not once would he say Trick or Treat. What a silly boy!!)

After the boys went around to get candy they got to sit in the trunk while we handed out some candy. They loved it. When we ran out of candy I shut the trunk (NO the boys were not in it still...who do you think I am) and Jacen was really sad. He ask me again and again to open the trunk back up.

We carved our pumpkin on Sunday...a little behind schedule but I really wanted Scott to be home and Brycen to be awake. It just happened to not work out until Sunday.

Jacen loved cleaning out the pumpkin.

Brycen was there the whole time and even tried to eat the pumpkin gutts :S

I love the traditions of Halloween--dressing up the kids, getting candy, and pumpkin carving :)