Friday, May 7, 2010


This is kind of random :) Last night we got Chinese food, it was so yummy! I love it when I don't feel like cooking and Scott comes home suggesting Chinese or pizza. Anyway, here is our conversation:

Stacia: (after reading fortune) Maybe we got each others fortune, get this, (I read my fortune out loud), "Work hard and you will become more wealthy". We must have gotten each others fortunes, maybe yours is meant for me. :)
Scott: Is that so?
Stacia: Please hurry up and open your fortune cookie. I am so curious if we got each others fortune. (Really how do you know if you got the right one or not??)
Scott: (opens his fortune) "You and your wife will be happy in your life together"
Stacia: What ever, it doesn't really say you and your wife!!?
Scott: Yep, see for yourself

So maybe my theory was wrong...I don't have a wife so I guess that one really was intended for him. At least they were fun fortunes, lately they have been really dumb. Thanks fortune cookies for the laughs!