Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas is near!

On December 3rd we let Jacen open a gift from us. We put it together for him to play with so we could put up the tree. He loves his new toy.

Here is Jacen putting up his very first ornament.

On Saturday we went to Menifee to see this little one. Kendyl was born the day after Thanksgiving. While there, Jacen decided he wanted to climb up the stairs.

Yesterday we took Jacen to see Santa. He wasn't scared one bit.

Santa gave Jacen a See's stick....and he couldn't wait to take a taste.

Thanksgiving--Still trying to catch you up!

This year we had Thanksgiving in Utah. It was cold. Would you believe that I forgot to pack my jacket? Well, here is the clan. Three of my sisters and their families couldn't make it. We also got to spend time with Scott's family. We really need to get a family photo of the Phillips.

We had to get Jacen a hat and some gloves. (It was bound to happen anyway, we are going to New Hampshire for Christmas.)

And we had lunch with these crazy people. We really enoyed our visit with the Elmers! It was a fun trip. Next trip, I will have to take out my camera more often!

Oh, I almost forgot, Jacen cut two teeth on our trip. One tooth came on Wednesday, November 21 and the other on Saturday, November 24th...and he has 3 more working their way through.

Update #2

What have Scott and I have been up to, you ask?? I don't really know. I actually had to ask Scott when I talked to him during his lunch break.

Well, Scott decided he wanted to do 3 plays and a musical at the high school this year. So, he is rather busy. November 14th to 17th were show nights of Mother is a Freshman. It was a really good play. January 30th is opening night for Bye Bye Birdie (mark your calendars if you live close, it will be a good one), and it will go on through February 4th. They have been rehearsing for some time already. Cool thing actually...a lady from the school board attended the last play and asked Scott why they didn't use the sound system. Scott went on to explain that they didn't have one to use and then was contacted about pricing one. It has been approved and the hope is that it will be here and installed before Bye Bye Birdie starts. Scott is also the advisor over Improv and they have shows twice a month. They are quite the funny bunch.

In October, I was called to be Activity Day Leader at church (I am still Relief Society Secretary if you were wondering...they want to be sure I keep busy :). I work with all the girls in the ward that are 8 to 11 years old. They come over to my place twice a month and we do some fun activities. I have 10 girls that come. Last week we worked on humanitarian aid wall hangings. The girls were so excited that they got to sew. I am so grateful a friend of mine, Bridella, helped with them. She worked with the girls on the two sewing machines while I helped them cut their fabric (can you imagine if I didn't have the high school sewing teacher to help me out??). If you have any ideas for me, please, please share!

We got our family photos taken. Just click here and type in "Stacia Phillips" on the provided line. They turned out cute. Jacen takes good pictures :)

Update #1

Okay, it has been a while since the latest update....sorry! So, here is what Jacen is up to. The following were all taken between Halloween and Thanksgiving. (Sorry the clips are short and without sound. They were taken with our digital camera which has a 15 second clip function and no sound option. Hopefully, we will get some on here from our video camera soon.)

This first one is Jacen's crawl. He would face plant every time he got both feet behind him...so he figured out a way to get around without face planting. I think it is cute :)

Here Jacen walking along the furniture. He does it so well. He is getting super fast.

This is Jacen getting brave. His first time walking along the wall, taken November 13th. (Now, he always walks along the walls.)

This is one of my favorites. He was cracking up at himself in the mirror.

Oh, and last but not least...Jacen feeding himself. Thank goodness for potatoes, they are just the right consistency for him to feed himself. Jacen is growing up so quickly. He is such a happy and good little boy.