Thursday, September 9, 2010

Other cute pictures

Here are some random pictures from the Summer.

Jacen just being Jacen!

What do you think he will be...a musician or a doctor??

Brycen just being Brycen!!

Dressing up in brothers hat and glasses :)

And giving a big "cheese" to the camera!

I love it when the boys watch shows together on Brycen's bike. Wish I had a better picture of them. One of those moments that melts a mothers heart.

The New Purchase

We bought a second car, the end of June!! We love our new Honda Civic! I chose the color...and I must say, I did a great job. I love it!!

My Hair

This is for you Denise :) I think all pictures of myself are cheesy....and this one is no exception. Here is the best picture I have of my haircut. Enjoy! (I had Scott take pictures, the day after I got it cut. At least it gives you an idea of what it looks like.)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Beach Trips

We also got to enjoy the beach a few times. Too bad the weather was cooler this year...because we would have gone a couple more times!

Brycen playing in the sand....his favorite!

Jacen and Daddy in the waves. Jacen loves the water!

Getting ready to jump the waves with Mommy.

More from Summer to our new purchase and our big trip of the Summer :)

Play Group

Lots and lots of playgroups. We took advantage of the "water park" (splash pad).

The boys really love picnics :) I can make their day just by bringing hotdogs or chicken nuggets to playgroup.

I love this picture of the girls observing the boys. Too fun! My boys love playgroup and look forward to it every week!

Shows at the Library

We went to a few shows at the library. This first on is a balloon show. This guy puts himself in a balloon at the end of the show.

Jacen thought it was so funny!

It really was hilarious. We also went to a show called "Animal Magic" which was also really good. My pictures didn't come out very well :(

The Fair

We went to the San Diego County Fair with my mom. We had fun! While there we fed the Sheep.

We watched the pig races :) (We ate snacks while we waited for the races to begin.)

Jacen loved that the pigs race for an Oreo Cookie. They are his favortite.