Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer Part 1

We are still alive :) Here are some of the things that we have been up to this summer... (more to come).

Visit from Parents

Scott's parents came to visit. Here is Jacen with Grandma and Grandpa Phillips.

And a picture that Grandma and Grandpa Phillips took of our family.

Sea World

We went to Sea World tons :) Once even purchasing the Dine All Day
pass, totally worth it if you eat as much as we did!
Jacen's favorite show, Cirque de la Mer. He often refers to himself as the Blue guy, and does their routines. (He is very disappointed that the show is already over for the summer and keeps asking when it will be back.) Right now he is saying, "that is me, mommy" I will have to record him doing one of their routines. He is so fun to watch.

The boys with my parents at Sea World.
We got to see the dolphins playing with balls....

and the new dolphin show.

Craftsman Across America

Did you hear about the man driving a Craftsman Lawn Mower across country?? Guess where he stopped?? Yucca Valley, of all places. When my friend Shaunna told me about it, we decided we had to go check it out. Plus, they had a fire truck there for the little guys. We had a blast.

The guy who stared in California on May 15th and road to New York (ending on August 24th).

Here we are enjoying hot dogs and root beer floats :)

And the boys favorite part, the fire truck!!

Hair, Hair, No More Hair

I donated my hair to Locks of Love. On May 18th I got 12 inches cut off :)
I was grateful to get it done before the hot Summer made its way here.

6 ponytails