Friday, July 15, 2011


Every child has to experience Disneyland. Our boys got to on April 9th!!

We started with Buzz Lightyear. Jacen got more points than I did...for real, what is this world coming to?!?! (to my defense Brycen was needing help)
Then to Autopia where as Jacen says, "kids get to drive"

Got to meet Mickey (and Tigger and Eeyore)
Scott and I wanted the boys to experience the rollercoster in toontown first to see how the boys liked it...well...they loved it!!
Jacen got to ride just about everything. Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain, (Splash Mountain was under construction)...but the ride he had his eye on was Matterhorn. You can see it from anywhere in the park. Both boys got to ride the Matterhorn and loved every minute!! Thankfully the park wasn't too packed and most rides had fast passes!!

We also enjoyed Dumbo

The Carrousel
and It's a Small World (which I didn't think Scott would ever go on...but he "did it for the boys"). It is so wonderful watching your kids experience life and new adventures.


Also, in March my friend Bridella took a personal day, from teaching high school, and would you believe she watched my kids during most of it?!?! I needed to go get blood work done to be sure my Thyroid was normal (3 of my 5 sisters have thyroid issues), and she didn't want me to put it off. Then she even made a chiropractor appointment for me. I was just going to wait a week until the chiropractor had an opening after 4pm, when Scott would be home to watch the kids. Anyway, the kids had a blast at Bridella's house.

They Played with the new baby chicks....

Played Frisbee...

and played in the sand (we have a ton of it in Yucca Valley)...

Pictures of the Boys

We got the boys pictures taken yet again :) We love our photographer at JC Penney and you can't beat the price!!! Here are some of my favorites:



The 2 boys-

Thursday, July 14, 2011

We are still alive

I really enjoy the blog world but then I get so far behind I don't know where to I put it off and off again. So here is your update on the Phillips Family :) ENJOY!!

So lets begin with January. I turned the big 3-0 and that was a big deal for me. My calling at church changed. I had been the Relief Society (women's group) Secretary for 4 years. I was under 3 different Presidents during that 4 years. I now work in the Primary, as the 2nd Counselor. I love working with the kids. And it was perfect timing too. Jacen entered Primary in January and was not going to let me leave his side.

In February....Jacen turned 4. He said that he would go to class by himself when he turned 4...thank goodness his birthday is February 8th and not in December!! He began going by himself the first Sunday in himself I mean: he was not sitting on my lap, hugging my leg when I conducted, and he even went to class without me. It was perfect timing because I was over the sharing time in February :)

I really wanted to do a birthday party for the boys this year. I chickened out and it was a good thing too. On Jacen's birthday he informed me that it was just going to be the 4 of us. When I told him our friend Bridella was coming over, he finally said, okay the 5 of us. He informed me that I was to make yellow cake with brown frosting. After he helped me make the batter I got out a 9x13 pan....and that wasn't right either. "No yellow cupcakes with brown frosting". Too bad the night before when we were at the store he wouldn't choose a cake and frosting. I decided to get my favorite, funfetti. That was not going to work!! Thankfully we had yellow cake in the cupboard and Scott was able to run to the store on his way home from work to grab some brown frosting. During dinner Jacen informed us that we were to jump out and say "surprise" we did just that. Once dinner was cleaned up we turned off the lights, hid, called Jacen in, and SURPRISE!! You should have seen the smile on that boys face! He was so happy!!

Brycen turned 2 on February 19th. Scott didn't have school on the 18th so off to Sea World we went. (We love our season passes!) Brycen got to enjoy his birthday with Grandma and Grandpa Anderson and he loved every minute. The Funfetti cake and frosting I originally bought for Jacen's birthday didn't go to waste :)

In March Scott was part of the High School Rock Off. He got some kids together, taught them the moves and if you ask me they were by far the best group. Someone posted it to youtube, and since I don't know how to post from the actual DVD, you will have to settle with this version.