Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Our Christmas Letter--

If you didn't receive our Christmas letter either by mail or email it is because we need your contact info :) Please leave a comment with your email address and I will get it to you. Merry Christmas!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

A White Christmas... in Southern California

We got snow once again in Yucca Valley :) On Monday, we had a bit stick on the ground. A friend and I were out driving and the roads were getting really slick, just west of our home. All after school events were cancelled, Scott was home shortly after 2pm (I loved it!!).

Tuesday was beautiful. It didn't snow. Here is a picture of the mountains (or hills for those of you who have been to Utah).

We woke up on Wednesday to a ton of snow. Okay, it was about 6 inches...but still. School was cancelled. When you live somewhere like here, no one has snow shovels, or snow plows.

School was also cancelled on Thursday. We ended up getting 1 1/2 - 2 feet of snow. I could only find one of Jacen's mittens (from last year when we went to Utah) so he had so wear some of my cotton gloves. He didn't mind one bit. Here is a picture of our back yard (with the house on the hill in the background) and a shot of me and Jacen.

Jacen playing in the snow :) He was loving it!

The walkway to our front door. Just past that second window is our front door. The snow came off the roof and landed directly on our walkway. (we got a package delivered today and the Mail Lady somehow found our front door.)

A shot from the street, of our house :)

The 3-4 foot pile of snow right out our front door, and all along our walkway. (Honestly how did the Mail Lady find us?)

Jacen eating some snow.


Scott shoveling our driveway on
Thursday with a regular round headed shovel, and a short sleeve shirt. It was warming up fast. He actually came in and got shorts on (only in sunny California can you shovel snow and not freeze while wearing a short sleeve shirt and shorts.) We were able to get to my doctor's appointment and pick up our babysitter without our street being plowed.
Today (Friday) the district tried to have school. Yucca Valley's roads were not plowed enough for the buses to pick up the kids. Only the main roads got plowed and a bus stop is at the end of our non-plowed road. Scott got to school to find that the parking lots were not plowed. Once the first bell rang, school was cancelled. Scott had a whole 7 people in his class (and that was a lot compared to some of the other classes).
Jacen just loved having his Daddy if only he didn't have to make up the days!!