Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Brycen is 8 months!

Brycen is officially 8 months (yesterday) :) He is hitting a bunch of milestones all at the same time. During the last week of being 7 months Brycen...

*got his first tooth on Tuesday, October 13th.

*crawled on Wednesday, October 14th.

*pulled himself to a stand also on October, 14th.

He also likes food (go figure), bath time with brother, chewing on anything, clapping his hands, laughing, emptying things such as the diaper bag, and much more. We love having Brycen in our family.

(Brycen's second tooth is coming in today! No wonder he woke up at 2:30am!)

Here are some pictures and videos of Brycen:

Brycen eating a messy Biter Biscuit. He was in heaven.

Bath with Jacen :)

The first time he crawled. He was whining the whole time. He wanted to help us water the plants (we kept passing him) and he was determined to get to us.

Then about 2 hours later...he pulled himself up at his toy. I came back into the room from the restroom and found this! Then he stood up at least 4 more times that day. I really need to keep a close eye on him as he loses his balance easily.

Here is a video of Brycen crawling. This was on day two so he is still trying to master it :)

Here he is laughing. He is a very happy child and gets even more gitty when he is tired.