Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sea World

We went to Sea World June 18th and 19th. Jacen just loved it...and good thing because we bought season passes :) (on the 18th we went with my parents on the 19th we went just the 3 of us) Enjoy the slide show of Jacen's fun!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Fair

On June 17th we took Jacen to the Del Mar Fair. (That is what we call the San Diego County Fair.) We went along with my parents. 2 of my sisters and their families met us there, too. Here are a couple pictures from the day.

Grandpa Anderson and Jacen petting a cow.

Jacen telling his daddy about the sheep's water. (he would do his sign for water and then point at the water buckets, it was cute!)

Jacen was so confused. Before the fair every animal could have barked as far as Jacen was concerned. Then we taught him to "mooo". Then the sheep and goats also should moo, right??

We did see other things at the fair but I guess the animals were the best part. They are the only pictures I have from the day.

Play Group

Our play group is small, but we have a great time! These are pictures at our closest park. Kacie and Jacen are in the first picture. They just love sitting on this climbing structure.

Then Jacen on his favorite the swings!! He can never have enough swings!

Jacen getting all wet :) I am so glad his friend Matthew showed him how to do it. They are naturals! We are so glad we have this park in the next city over. It takes us about 10 minutes to get there. Totally worth it for all this fun! (I do have to say it is much smaller than "Rexburg's Splash Park". Wish we got to play at that one! )

Yard Work

This is what our whole back yard looked like in May. Yuck huh!! Well Scott had talked about working in the yard together a couple of hours a day in July. I thought he was nuts! July?? In July it is hot.

So I decided that I would take Jacen out in the mornings and get started. I didn't tell Scott about my plan. It was going so well that I decided I would work extra hard to get it done by Father's Day. It would be our gift to Scott.

This is how far I got by June 9th. I had little blisters on my hands and Scott asked that I wait for him to help me. I made a deal, I will stop if you help me Friday and Saturday morning so we can have it done. He was excited to get his hands in the work.

Scott's last day of school was June 13th. Here we are getting the last bit done :) Do you see Scott in the picture. That will give you an idea of the size we are talking about. Our whole lot is nearly a 1/2 acer.

This is a picture of a desert tool, called a hula hoe. I had never heard of one either, so no worries! You run it back and forth and it picks up all the weeds. Then you go back and rake it all up. This was much faster with 2 people, as you could imagine. Scott used the hula hoe and I raked.

Here is our finished project. It will take awhile to get rid of all the piles. We only have one trash can. We are so glad that we only have to spend time each week filling our trash can. It is too hot to work any harder than that out there.