Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jacen my helper

I can't believe how much Jacen has grown up these last few months. He has always been my little helper but it is crazy how helpful he really is. He helps with the dishes, clean and dirty, the laundry, sweeping (okay this one he doesn't really get yet. He messes up my pile, so I try to be really quick and then we fake sweep together), and there is probably more.

I had him help me put the utensils in the correct spots. I would point to where the utensil went and he would put it there. I had only worked with him on this twice. Then there was a day when I really needed to put the dishes away without help, so I put him up on the chair and let him go to work on the utensils. Oh, I did make, sure that there was one utensil in each spot so he could match the other utensils. Here is what he did at 22 mo. old :)


He has also been helping me set the table. Wow, for real...I hope this continues once the baby comes :)

I rested my broom here and later came back to his broom right there with mine. Scott said Jacen kept trying until it stayed up. Honestly, how cute is this picture?!

Belly's getting BIG!!

Okay so these are not glamor shots but I thought it would be fun to share my bellys growth with all of you.

This first one is me on November 18th. Oh there is a story here. I was really trying to donate my hair to Locks of Love. They need 8-10 inches in a ponytail. Well I was getting so annoyed with my hair and it falls out when I am prego, I really didn't know what to do. I finally talked with our friend Katy, who cuts my hair and she knocked some sense into me :) She chopped off the 5 inches and I feel much better about my pregnant self :)
This second picture is me with shorter hair, on December 20th.

Then me on January 5th and January 22nd. Keep in mind that I don't ever take these pictures when I am wide awake but rather when I am falling asleep. Oh well, who cares, its about the belly :)
I can hardly believe how little time is left!! I am nesting like crazy!!