Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Emergency Room

Alicen Monday 6:20pm
I never thought my first Emergency room experience would be for a baby.

On Monday, May 14th Alicen was very clingy. I noticed her cheek had a little red spot the size of about a quarter. At 4:00pm it was her whole cheek. The doctor's office was running behind schedule and suggested I bring her in first thing in the morning. Alicen had no fever so they were thinking it could be a bug bite (even though we get sprayed for bugs it could have happened elsewhere).

9:00am Tuesday

By morning the red spot had spread. It now was on her forehead. Doc got one look at her and felt so bad he didn't have us come in the night before. "She needs to be admitted" At exactly 7 weeks my infant was going to the ER. I didn't feel I would be emotionally stable driving 1 1/2 hours with Scott following behind me, so we all drove together.

12:30pm now in the ER

Alicen experienced her 1st CT Scan, Catheter, IV, blood tests, Tylenol suppository ...and it is possible I am missing something.

A visit from Dad & brothers before they headed home 2:00pm
To make a really long story short. She had Cellulitus, an infection in the tissue of her face.  Most likely she got it from scratching her face. She was admitted Tuesday afternoon and discharged Saturday morning. Which beats the 7-14 days they told me we would be there. I stayed with Alicen.  Scott had the busiest week ever at school...with Every 15 Minutes (an Assembly etc about someone being killed every 15 minutes from a drunk driver), and Prom.  My mom came up and watched the boys, on Wednesday she took them to her house.  On their way they stopped by the hospital to see us. It was great for me to see them, but also for them to see Alicen.

Stefanie w/ her i-pad, book, & sweatshirt she let me borrow
So many blessings were seen though this experience. Here are some of them...

1st- That my friend Bridella stopped by unannounced (not knowing about Alicen) on Monday night and helped me with the boys.  This was huge since Alicen wouldn't let me put her down.
2nd- My college roommate/friend, Stefanie, works at Loma Linda Hospital and was my saving grace while at the hospital.  She would come see us multiple times a day.  
3rd- That my mom was able to help with the boys...that was huge!!
4th- That friends brought in a couple meals to help us get back in the swing of things 

Although it was not an easy thing to experience we are grateful to have insurance and especially that our children are healthy.


The Bears said...

Wow... so scary. Who knew that a scratch could cause that??? I'm glad she is all better. Are you guys still coming in August?

Kimmel Tippets said...

So scary!! I can't even imagine. Any trip to the ER is terrifying, but one for your kids is even worse. I'm so glad that Alicen is doing better and it was all figured out.

Zach Amy Ruger and Ryder said...

Oh my goodness that is so scary! I'm so glad she is ok!!